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(Revised and updated, 2010)

These are not studies of Dear Bob, nor is it essential that your group have read Dear Bob before doing one of these studies.

They are based on issues the book highlights – leaving home, being single and doubting the existence of God.
They are designed to be used with young adults aged 14+: church youth groups and school/Uni CU's.

For each study there are 3 printable sheets – one for the group leader, one for your group during the session, and one for the group to take away with them.

There are also suggestions on how to make each study stretch to some 'extra weeks'.

To view the studies you need Acrobat Reader -

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Click here to download a zip file of all three studies

INDEPENDENCE DAY! (Leaving home)

Leaving home means... “Free at last!” Or does it?
Jude finds that life away from home is NOT one big party. New found responsibility means a complete change of lifestyle, that brings with it both the good, the bad... and definitely the ugly!

Use this study of Genesis 12 (to 25) to assist your group in examining the issue of leaving home, whether it's to start work, go abroad, do a Gap year, get married or go to Uni/college, etc.

Suitable for 16+, up to those who have recently left home (in last 6 months) – for example, freshers at Uni.

This study has been used (by Annie) as the basis of an interactive workshop on 'Leaving Home' at the Cross Rhythms Festival '03.

Click here to download the study


SINGLETON CITY! (Being single)

Jude's eternal state of singleness disturbs her slightly... OK, let's get real... she's GAGGING for a bloke! But is this what being single is all about? How should a single Christian behave? Is it OK to 'try before you buy' and snog a whole army of potential partners? Is it normal if you're NOT on the lookout for a partner?

Use this study of Romans 12 to help your group with such tricky questions.

Click here to download the study


GOD WHO? (doubting the existence of God)

It's not unheard of for seemingly 'strong' Christians to go crash-bang-wallop... and wake up one morning to discover that God's gone walkabout. Jude found the whole business life-shattering, and ended up lying (big time) to anyone and everyone, taking a long, long time to get the help she so badly needed.

Use this study on John 20 to help make sure that none of YOUR group are made to suffer in silence.

Click here to download the study


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