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When was the last time YOUR unshaven armpits got YOU into trouble?! In Jude's case it's when... well, let's just say she's unable to respond in the affirmative to the challenge: "... hands up if you lurve Jeeeeeee-sus... come on... let's see those arms raised high!..."

Jude Singleton, the patron saint of single Christian lasses, is desperate for two things, namely a bloke... and the truth.
The truth? Yeah, you know - God, Christianity, Church, dodgy guitar chords... the whole package. She meets with opposing forces - about ten thousand of them (give or take the odd few who dropped out in the first semester).

Days after starting at Bymouth University, a 'freaky' dream knocks her off her cosy Christian perch... she lands in reality city with more of a bump than might be imagined, or desired. Doubt sets in, big-time. Fear pays a visit, and Confusion has a field-day.

Join her as she struggles to find the perfect bloke, learn to drive, learn to 'club', resist the temptation that is Pringles, fake her faith at the Christian Union... and suss out exactly what it is she believes in...


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Your Comment

"Read your book yesterday... I thought it was brilliant - a classic of its time. I'm sure God will use it to reach many for Him.
... you had such an accurate picture of Uni life.
Is the next book a sequel to her story? Can there be anything left that can happen to her?! I look forward to reading it!"

"Just to say that it's a great read - good for ministers, vicars, pastors etc, and great for boy/girl teens in our churches.
The web site is an absolutely great idea - more, more, more of this kind of stuff, it's reality!"

"I loved this book I keep quoting it and telling my friends bits about it.One of them now also wants to read it for her self and she is very Libs.I havn't put it down since i started except to eat and sleep. i am christian and I think I really loved this book becasue I saw so much of Judes probs in me. Thankyou Annie, write more!"

"This book is fantastic. I can really connect to the character and it's helped me look forward to uni even more. As young people we don't really get much teaching on leaving home and so it's a little bit daunting in a way. The book also raised issues I can never talk about with youth leaders (sex, parties, etc) and I found it really funny. Only read the first two chapters of this book but I'm hooked and I think it's great! Thank you, Annie Porthouse!"

"I'm only 16, but I totally relate to Jude. Tis is a really good book, it really helped me.

"Hi, just finished reading your book - found it v funny and have even started to type like Jude (v ?!).
I loved it and thought it was hilarious and addictive (in a good, non-hash cake way). It was surprising to find a cn book that was modern and up-to-date, as in not written in the 80s, and talks about new TV shows etc.
Just so you know, am 18, have just (finally) left sch. and will be taking a-levels (Eng. Lit., French, History) in couple of weeks (!). Am having gap year and then to Uni. to study Theology! Book was a worth-while distraction from (non-existent) revision, so thank you."

"Well, what did I think? I thought it was absolutely fantastic! There were so many good bits, I don't know where to start! I loved the way in which you showed God working in Jude's life, although she wasn't aware at the time. I love the way the characters interact with each other - they're all so real! I found the book very hard to put down, because I really felt that I got to know the characters personally, and wanted to know what happened next.
You're clearly very good at describing realistic characters. In fact, all of the characters are so similar to people I was at university with whilst doing
my degree, it's unreal!
God is clearly using your talents as a writer. The main reason I loved the book so much was precisely down to this. God spoke to me personally through the book; he has shown me some aspects of my character which are not as they should be, and is going to help me to remedy this.
The overwhelming message that comes from reading the book is one of God's amazing love for each and every one of us. I know I want to be much more proactive in sharing this love with the people around me as a result of reading the book.
I can't wait to read the next one. Thanks once again."

"hey there, just read 'dear bob'... well to be honest, tho whole house has read it! I am 23 years old and live in a house of four female youth workers. I was laughing and laughing that loads of the book was a complete reflection of my experience @ university! Really very cool! In fact, i still used tweenified language now, and i graduated two years ago."

"WOW! When i read the book i thought it was amazing i just couldn't put it down.It seemed to really hit home.It has really helped me .Thanks Annie When is the next one coming out? Hurry. Thanks because you have inspired my to write ,well sort of, i am writing my diary in the form that Jude wrote to 'Bob' and i am finding that it really helps me.Thanks again cant wait till next year to get the next one .

"hi, ive just finished reading the book 'dear bob' and i would just like 2 say that i rly, rly njoyed it!! It has 2 b my fave book eva!! i was amazed @ how much it aplyed 2 modern day life and how some of the dielemas that jude faced were so appealing to a normal teenage girl of 2day!! I also thought it was gr8 how it was all my sence of humour!! sumtimes i would read out the funny bits 2 my younger brother n sister n i wud die with laughter as i was reading it, while they would stare at me blankly!! I wud just like 2 thank u for writing such a fab book and i hope that u will continue to write many more!!!"

"I could completely identify with Jude with everything that she was talking about, even down to which 'Friends' male has the cutest bum! (I am a HUGE Friends fan!) 'Dear Bob' is an excellant book, which I am reccommending to friends, and I look forward to the sequel! Thanks!"

"hi, i bought Dear Bob 2 days ago + couldnt put it down needless to say i finished it + iam eagerly awaiting the sequel. i thought the book was fantastic + dealt with all subjects very well. i'm 17 and was considering why jude was such a muppet but having just realised how my doubts and loosing faith wud hav looked just as daft to the outsider now understand her muppetry. (yes i no its not a real word). thank you for making me feel less daft for writing down all the silly little details wich become important only upon looking back on them. God bless."

"I heard you read a bit of 'Dear Bob' at Greenbelt. I felt I had to find the whole first chapter. I may be a bloke, but some of the trials and temptations of Uni are similar whichever gender you are. I'm so glad that my university has a chaplaincy, a CU and is right next to a church which is fairly lively."

"Bought your book this morning and have just finished it, I couldn't put it
down... I don't have any immediate ideas about the sequel, but I felt I had to say how much I enjoyed it."

"i fink da book 'dear bob' is really good.
im 12 and iv bin goin 2 church since i was 2, bcoz iv neva realy had a choice of wetha 2 go 2 church or not iv neva nown wat itz like 2 decide it 4 myself.
a few weeks ago i went 2 a christian camp 4 teenagers and the ppl there were so nice and loving, they all were there 4 me. bcoz @ camp there were so little non-christians when i got bak home i found it hard 2 cope.i ddnt want 2 b a christian ne more i wanted 2 b 'normal'
i ddnt want 2 b around my m8z (all non-christians) an found it hard @ skool.
when i read 'dear bob' i realised it ddnt matta wat my frenz fort an i jus got on wit my life. iv found sum really good christian frenz an iv finally got my faith bak.
heres a good poem i 1ce red
wat will pl fink wen they hear dat im a jesus freak?what will ppl do wen they find out its tru?
i dnt really care if they label me a jesus freak cos there aint no disguisin da truth wat will ppl fink? wat will ppl do? i dnt really care, wat else ca i say?
there aint no disguisin da truth- keep da faith"


"Hey, I have just finished reading 'Dear Bob'. I am 15 years old and for the past 3/4 years have found it hard to find a book that i just can't put down: 'Dear Bob' filled that and i finished it quickly(unlike most of my books which i just feel i have to give up after 4 chapters!)
Even though i have not struggled with many of the issues yet, that came up in the book. In my teenage years i have struggled with my faith and last year my parents took my out of school and started home educating me! How cool is that? Anyways i am so much happier now and i love Jesus, he has set my free!!"

"quality book, had me laughing and crying. very real, feel like im judes best friend!
I bought 'Dear Bob' 2 days ago and am almost finished!! It's so realistic! Having just started uni myself, it is comforting to know that the problems I am having seem to be typical of many other people (esp. Christians) Any idea when the new book will get to Australia? I'll be waiting :)"

"what can i say? an amazing book. ive lost count of the amount of times ive read it! i was soooo excited when i saw that there was another one comeing out, i started jumping up and down! 'dear bob' has helped me sooo much and i think in a way, its kept me going through some of the toughest times of my life. thankyou!"

"just finished reading 'Dear Bob' and it's fantastic. I'm due to start uni in september and this book has really made me realise how important it is to go to the CU to keep on track with God. Great read and will definately buy 'Love Jude'"

"ive read this book so many times already and i can totally identify with Jude..im struggling to find the truth rite now myself..im also struggling with exmas n guy probs! the book has really helped me work through sum tough things..i hav a lot of non cn friends and no wot its like! but yeh, i think the book is amazin n cant wait till the next one is out! its just so funny n realy cheers me up! jude is like the other me! keep up the good work!"

"Hi I'm sarah from Ipswich i'm 15 yrs old and my boyfrind recently brought me your book 'Dear Bob' when i first started getting interessed about christianty and he wanted to help. I have read 3 chapters, and i have found the book is so alike me and what i am going through, i am so glad i have found a book this good. The events you have put in the book are so good, and i can't wait till i finsh the book.
Thank you so much for making the book for my relevant age, as its so easy to understand its GREAT!!!! I am going to continue supporting you, and buying your books!"

"i've just finished reading the book that i borrowed of my ISCF leader and i think it's fantastic. So many times i found it hard to put down and go to bed for school. I was able to connect with the whole "is god real?" thought and felt so understanding when Jude felt god inside her, it gave my goosebumbs and a huge grin rose upon my face. Next time I go to our local christian book shop, "dear bob" is first on my list!!"

"was bought 'Dear Bob' by a friend for my birthday. It was AMAZING! I absolutely loved the book, its so down to earth, and focuses on all the 'big issues' many of us teens face. It was very helpfull and reassuring! Thanks for such a great read!"

"The book hey-well I read it around 9months ish ago-and loved it! Was a bit crazy really cos on my yr out in Brazil,I had a really good friend Mary, who told me she'd writen a letter to her future husband-when she left school!
I am afraid to say I just laughed a lot!Thinking she was crazier than i thought!
Then I got back read the book and sent her a copy to enjoy!Its amazing cos it deals with all the issues we face in a way that doesn't give us a headache and makes us laugh-always a plus!!
Well gotta fly, youthwork to do, but am gonna by the book for my girls who i mentor-and am looking forwrad to the new one!!!!
I am now half way through my first year at Uni and I was messing up big time in terms of my faith and my walk. I thought I was too cool for God until a girl from my home church brought me Dear Bob and made me read it. It really helped me get my faith back on track and I'm really thankful cos now I seee how God was watching over me through it all!"

"i hav just finished ur book and imediatly loged onto the website! i had to take a look. the book was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, and it was your first!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to say how much i apptreciated it, what it meant, how i could relate to it and y jude was having so many problems...
thanx soo much"

"I had 'Dear Bob' for Christmas and I thought it was hilarious! A great read. I am starting university in Sept/Oct of this year hopefully so it was very relevent. Hopefully I won't get into as many sticky situations as Jude though! Any plans to write a sequel? Well keep on writing anyway, you have an obvious talent."

"I bought Dear Bob today, which was only because of God's Will (We never go into the part of town where the Christian book shop is, or at least not for the last year, and we did today) and bought your book.
I've almost finished it, and probably will tonight.
I've not been to church for a long time, as we are currently 'moving' from our old church, etc etc and Dear Bob has encouraged me to find the right church! Thank-you.
Can't wait to read the sequal (SP???) of 'Dear Bob'
God Bless"

"I've just finished Dear Bob. What an amazing book! I cant wait for the sequel! I think you have really captured what it is like to be young, Christian and unsure about it all so brilliantly. Great ending but I want to know more... whats going to happen? Will there be wedding bells? I think the way you portray Christian relationships is ace too, I can really relate to Jude in her search for Mr Right be it a physical human relationship or her relationship with God. Best book I've read since Bridget Jones!"

"I can't tell you how funny i found the book, although I never doubted God's existence the rest seemed just like me. I can't wait for a sequel!"

"your book ( dear bob) is really cool and while i was at new wine this year i bought the other bok love jude and i am lookin forward to reading it"

"I bought your book actually while i as at soul survivor, ive just started reading it, its really good, really funny!"

"I loved dear Bob. it was amazing and it was so amazing that i just couldnt put it down!!!!
I look forward to reading 'love Jude', Thank you for these books because they are a real prospective on life as a young person in a christian life. Thank You!!!"

"hi there
im a slow read so took me ages along with trying to do media course at same time...but i loved it when i stated to read it couldnt put it down about to embark on love jude i know thats going to be great too"

"have finished Dear Bob already. I loved it! Jude is an amazing character, and real, and funny. Will be attempting to get hands on Love Jude now as want to find out what happens nex"

"annie, i juts finished reading dear bob....was soooooooooo brill....i loved it....even tho i am only 15 i didnt find it irrevlevant or boirng, juts totally awesome and such a good read. i loved how you balance really important stuff about God with really random comments/ jokes etc. am going to buy love jude on sat....congrats on writing such a brill book x"

"Just to say, I LOVE dear bob! and it lives on my bedside, im only 15 yet experince the "is god really there?" faise...and i have no one to talk to! I passed it onto my mate one night (who isnt a christian) and she lloved it too! (I guess im a SC&O christian, only no drink, or drugs or cigarettes get anywhere near my body!) Thanks for writting this book! It's really changed my life!"

"hey there, I've nearly finished 'Dear Bob' and I've already bought 'Love Jude' because i can't wait to read it! I don't usually read books, and I'm always fussy when it comes to picking books to read, but this is definately an exception and it's great!"

"i would like to say that i finished reading dear bob this evening and i'm still laughing at some of the things that are in it can identyfy with a lot of the things in it as i am still "undecided" about god. it has made think. although i don't go to uni i can relate to some of the things that happen. it is such a great book.
i can't wait till i can afford the next one in a couple of months and in the meantime i'll read the other one again!!!"

"i am only 13 and i thought this book was fab!!! i am reommending to to everyone!
Please write anuther one!!
It has helped me to focus on a lot of things and has made me decide i wnna give my life 2 god!"

"I just wanna say that i won a signed copy of Dear Bob when i entered a competition from the Walk and then just had to go and buy the next book your books are great and i would sugest them to all girls."

"Just finished reading 'Dear Bob'. Absolutely awesome!"

"this is my fave book ever. im only 15 but i relate to jude. i had to question my faith not so long ago, as well. this book helped.plus, its sooo funny!x"

"wow this book is so amazing im 17 and have seen myself go through heeps of the stuffjude has gone throught 2 and has really helped me. i cant express how much of an amazing feeling i got when i finished this great book. THANKYOU!!"

"hey i am just reading dear bob for the second time and am thrilled to find out there's a sequel. have just started writing to 'bob' myself and am really enjoying it. "

"hi hun! i finished readin dear bod today and think its a great book.....started readin it once,borded cause my mum was still cleanin the church(thats her job and i was waiting for her)church book shop had ur book and so i began to read.....taken in with the coments about the tweenies and the charactor...dunno y but reminded me of how i am some times and made me gigle!!!(spelling) c! by the end of the book...tataly engulfed in the thing and wanted to only know if "jude" was ok in the end....but stook it out and didnt look untill fialy got thewre...(this was gd 4 me as it is one of the first gd books ive got to the end of!!!)i tink that my b sayin sumfin about the books! keep up the gd wk...hope to find the other book lookin lonley in some book shop soon so i can begin that one!!!u neverknow, i may b hucked! love from 16year old"

"Have just read the part about Annie and my youth-groupy thing is called BOB too!! WOW! I'm so proud! Also, I love 'Dear Bob' SO much! I've just broken up with my boyfriend (my first one. I'm 18! Boo hoo.) and am in a really strange place with God at the mo and this book just seems to relate to how I feel. (Though, admittedly, I am a teensy bit jealous of Jude and Oren... haha. I am a bit lame though.) I can't wait to read 'Love Jude'. Thanks for such a FAB book."

"I LOVE dear bob!, it was the 1st time in my life that i have read any book that fast (3 days!). I read it again slowly to make sure I fully understood it and within a week of my friend lendin it to me, I have finished it twice in a week. I asked my fried to look on this website to see if there was a sequel and she said that her is love jude!. Can't wait to read this one to see what happens between her and 'Oben', how her relationship with God gets closer. Thanks for this book as it's also made me look forward to going back to uni."

For comments on the sequel: Love Jude, see here.

To have your say go to yore tern.


Pringles, Soleros, waterproof curtains, minging lecturers, weight 'issues', bizarre mates... yes, Jude Singleton returns, in LOVE JUDE. But is she still a genuine 'singleton'...? As if we'd tell ya!

Her story continues, straight from where 'Dear Bob' left off...!


'Love Jude', which is published by Scripture Union, is available to buy from all good Christian retailers.


To buy online, click here


'Love', which is published by Scripture Union, is available to buy from all good Christian retailers.

If you are purchasing from overseas or require quantities other than the below then please contact me.

Buy Love Jude now - £4.00 inc. p&p
Love Jude- quantity 2, £7.00 inc p&p
Love Jude - quantity 5, £15.00 inc p&p
Love Jude- quantity 10, £25.00 inc p&p

Da Teem (Love Jude)

The book was written in 2 parts, and as each part was written it was sent to 5 people, who rigorously went through it, following a certain criteria regarding how to edit it. It meant they could say when they thought something was funny/moving/relevant to them/realistic, etc... and also when the opposite of these were true!
The fan-ta-bu-lous people who volunteered themselves to (unofficially) edit Love Jude were:

Caroline (17) ...was studying for her A-Levels as she edited Love Jude. She is single!

Rachel (19) ...was in her 1st year at Kings College London when she edited Love Jude. She attends Holy Trinity Brompton Church... and loves it! She is also single.

Rhiannon (20) ...was on her year out at London City Mission when she read through Love Jude (not sure how she found the time... those guys work like crazy... London's a big place!). She too, is single (this is beginning to sound like a saddo Christian dating agency!).

Jen (26) ...is married to the minister of South Chard Christian Church, Somerset. They have 2 kiddy-winkles. Jen leads the worship at church (and does tons of other stuff there too!).

Sarah (31) ...is married, with one little lass, is a teacher, and is involved with her local Baptist Church (preaching, Sunday School, teenagers, etc). She is a huge Kylie fan!


Your Comments

"Just to say I finished reading Love Jude yesterday. An excellent sequel. I didn't think at first that the issues Jude was facing were as relevent to me as those in Dear Bob but then I realised that maybe they were. Anyway thank you for a great book. I hope you will write another one about Jude."

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading both your books. I am generally a slow reader but couldn't put these books down once I started. Several months after reading Dear Bob, I was very excited when my boyfriend came home and said there was to be a sequel.
I was pleased to learn on the website that the books were aimed mainly at the 17-30 age group. I am 26 and thoroughly enjoyed them and thought myself maybe a little weird when I'm several years out of Uni!
The books took me back to my University days and I could really relate to all the issues that were raised. I wish I'd had the book then - maybe I could have found my own situation a little funnier at the time!
I think it would be fantastic if somehow they could be advertised at Universities as I'm sure they would appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike.
Thank you very much for the books and the enjoyment I received from reading them!"

"well i have read both books and the frist boook was cool in made my laugh so much and it real help reach out the girl in my youth club and have got 2 girls hooked on the books a brough the frist one cause i heard it v much like bridget jones diary but christain style and i saw the 2nd book in the local christain bookshop well i just brought it there and then,im 21 year & yes im a bloke & love anythin chick based"

"finished reading Love Jude 10 min ago...only started day and half ago.
When i started reading it I thought "is this gonna be any good?" but as I got going, I started to be able draw stuff Jude was having to face. Especially the woman in the corner with dead baby. (I want go back to Thailand area.)
LOVED the book (loved Dear Bob too)"

"I love your books, especially 'Dear Bob' and my boyfriend recently brought me 'Love Jude' I am normally not much of a reader untill my boyfriend brought me the first one on a chistian camp we went to... and i found it ACE, couldn't put it down! It also helped me to understand more things about God and life, as i seem as confused as Jude did! So i found them great!
I would love to know of anyone who has books to recommend by Annie, plz contact me..
Thanx so much, and carry on writing PLZ! xxxxxxxxxxxxx Saz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"i have read the sequal!!
i thought that was fab to.
My mum accidently bought the same copy for me agian totally forgetting i had it and so now my cousin is reading it!
Thanks again for wrining such super books!"

"Hi there, i spoke to you once before about your books... i don't know if you remember but i would just like to say that i have now finished both and found them sooooo good. And they have really boosted me about university and life! So i would just say how much i appreciated the books... and to encourage you to keep on writing as they truly are inspirational!!!"

"Both dear bob and love jude have been the best books i have read in a really long time! i have read them both so many times now and everytime i feel i gain something from it!
jude feels more like a friend to me now and i think many young christians can identify with the books so much and loads of my friends r now reading dear bob and have all benifited from it loads!
I worry about my future quite alot but both dear bob and love jude have made me realise that these feeling are complerely natural but also that God has it in hand and has got my whole future sorted for me.
Thankyou for two amazing books - plz write sum more!"

"hiya! ive jus finishd readin 'dear bob' and 'love jude'! i thought both books were rly gd and what she said always made me laugh...i found it hard to put the books down! they rly helped me in some of the situations that Jude was in, to relate with my life and how it cud help me! thnx so much! i was jus wonderin if u were goin to write any more books, either following on from 'love jude' or another type of similar book?"

"just a note to say i have just read both the Jude Singleton books and loved them!!! made me remember uni as well, which is always nice, and was well chuffed with the whole Honeypot Lane thing as I've actually lived on that street!!! (for my first year of life-so don't remember it at all). But it was cool, cos i've noticed that on the hand dryers too."

"i got "dear bob" as a present at my recent baptism...and read it that very night! was completley captivated n couldnt put it down. then i brought "love jude" yesterday (my friend and i nearly wet ourselves when we saw it) and i was wowed again :) its as if both books were written specifically for me, God spoke to me in ways i really didnt expect. thank you so, so much for these books! they are amazing gifts of light to everyone i know. being a girl's hard...so is being a teenage...but a teenage christian girl- its crazy! thank you so much. xx"

"hi, just wanted to say thnx so much 4 writin Dear Bob and Love Jude. i am only 14, and i became a christian when i was 12 but at one point i really did feel like i was losing my faith in God because of things around me that were happening but after readin both books i realised that God will always be there for me and i have stayed strong in my faith! thanx again xxx"

"Thank you SO much for 'Dear Bob' and 'Love Jude'. I could totally relate to Jude and every little thing she experienced- im a Fresher at Uni, and i love both books to bits. Jude IS me, how did you get inside my head?! God definitly spoke to me, preparing me for issues that come up and showing me im not alone in my worrying and silly mistakes. I've been talking about it so much,and ive never laughed out loud while reading before! God Bless for all you do. Please write another one!
Thanks xx"

"Hi, I really liked Dear Bob and Love Jude, but I just found that sometimes the abbreviations of words were a bit too over the top (for example the menu on this website) it just seems like it's either taking the mickey of slang (which it may be) or just making an over the top attempt to be "cool", especially when the spellings of words are changed to other spellings that don't even make the word shorter - and that's the whole point of it! Sorry if that sonds really negative, it doesn't mean to :-S
Also - will there be another follow up book? :-D

To have your say go to yore tern.



Read Love Jude, answer these 2 questions correctly... and you could win the smashing prize of a signed copy of both books, a book of your choice from the 'useful books' section on the 'lynx' page... and your name 'in lights' (so to speak!) on this site!
Here goes...
1] What sum does Jude get wrong, and what is the correct answer?

2] What is the number in Honeypot Lane where hand-driers are made (which was also near to where Jude's Nan lived)? To answer this you'll have to look on an actual hand-drier... the answer isn't in the book! They can be found in countless public toilets in the UK! (Apologies to those outside the UK... perhaps you can email a UK friend and ask them ?!)

Go to yore tern to enter...
don't forget to tell us your name, age and postal address... and the book of your choice from the lynx page. Good luck! (errr... Christian luck, that is!)


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